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From @PisiXcn 28.07.2022, 09:55

If it were possible to give the possibility to create races and maybe insert them in the championship.

Same settings for race, weather, petrol etc.
Only one driver who races with car A and after the race saves the results.
Same driver, he races with the same race settings but with car B.
Continuing like this with other cars that you want to use.

I think Solo Mod is the future for those who don't always have the chance to play with other people, especially given the recent global problems.

I hope I explained myself
Sorry for my English

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#1 From @sb332 18.08.2022, 19:22

Hi, I would also really like this feature!  Is it possible to change the Championship format to allow one driver but with multiple cars?  No need to complicate it, just have the ability to race multiple cars one after each other and track the total time and the fastest lap.  

#2 From @rexcadral 31.08.2022, 15:05

This makes sense for what is called a "Proxy Race" where people ship their cars to the race track, but do not race the cars themselves, they are raced by the track owner.

#3 From @maxidyne 08.11.2023, 12:58

I would love this feature in Analogue please.

See here for an example:


I managed to do an Analogue  qualifying session by using multiple hotspots, but only 1 driver...



#4 From @shibbidydibbidy 16.03.2024, 02:27

I also would like this feature. A way to log my solo races in one event would be great. I really like doing a 30 lap race with all my cars and being able to see all the results together and a standings widget would be awesome. 

#5 From @tgheitz 18.05.2024, 17:40

I would also use a solo racer mode 95% of the time. 1 driver with multiple cars. The race/championship based on elapsed time to complete set number of laps , not 1st to cross finish.Championship multiple lap races or segments, with elapsed time and total for all segments.

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