#15855 The colors of the drivers on the display is not displayed correctly

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From @sonotono 23.08.2022, 13:10

there is a small bug related to the color of the drivers: I can assign colors to each ID, but in the time table I see them all blacks, or maybe one or two with the correct colors, but the others are all blacks.
Also in the color assignment widget, some colors are correct, others are black or gray.
Thank you.

#1 From @smartrace 24.08.2022, 09:21 Owner

This is probably due to colors you have saved to your cars. Since SmartRace 5.6, you're able to override controller colors by car colors. Just head to the edit screen of a car and you'll see a new color field. If you want to get rid of it, just empty it and save the car. Then the controller color should be visible again.

#2 From @sonotono 24.08.2022, 10:21


It is just as suggested by you. I have set black color for all cars. Now I tried to delete one color from a car (or not associate a car to the drivers, even if the car has black color), and the colors of the controllers appeared correctly.

Many thanks!


#3 From @smartrace 24.08.2022, 10:51 Owner

Great! :-)

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