#15886 Use Smartrace Connect client as alternate/secondary scoreboard

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From @rexcadral 30.08.2022, 15:08

I would like to be able to use a secondary device to do a screen recording of the scoreboard

I cannot broadcast my main device's screen and record the screen at the same time, Google Home doesn't seem to support this feature.

Right now I'm using a tablet as the main race computer and broadcasting that screen to a TV for drivers to see, but I would like to have a secondary scoreboard on another smartphone or tablet where I can record the screen for merging into a video of the race. - Ideally I'd like a simplified scoreboard that I can "green screen" over the top of racing video, similar to what you see in F1 - just name abbreviations, position, in pit, fastest lap.

What do you think?

@carreradriver and @zone4182 support this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.

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