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From @Grumman 04.09.2022, 10:52

I personally find it very awkward to screen mirror my phone to the dedicated monitor and get disrupted by personal notifications and popups. Not to mention that I have couple of old TVs that I could use but I can't as they are not smart TVs and I have to plug my phone via HDMI to it.

It would be nice if there could be a dashboard function where the dashboard is served by the built in web interface (same one that hosts SmartRace Connect) and be able to view the race dashboard only (without any settings or notifications) via a web browser. This way, we can have any device connected on the TV/Monitor and just navigate the the SmartConnect Server web interface with a browser and have it as a pure timing display. This way connection to the TV can be even easier and TVs & mobiles won't need to have any special mirroring capabilities as a dummy old monitor can be used to display the dashboard using a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi.

@rexcadral and 7 others support this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
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#1 From @rexcadral 05.09.2022, 18:01

This fits in well with my suggestion to have a dedicated scoreboard screen via Smartrace Connect, it solves the same problem.

#2 From @grumman 05.09.2022, 19:17

I read your post before adding this suggestion, but it was not exactly what I had in mind.

Yes, this suggestion it does indeed solve the problem you are experiencing with broadcasting/streaming.

With this suggestion, you should be able to access the dashboard(s) without the need of the SmartRace Connect app -- just use a standard browser on a machine on the same network and that way, the broadcast, streaming and multi monitor/display oportunities are endless. 

#3 From @grumman 05.09.2022, 19:27

Forgot to mention that I do some Sim Racing and there is an open source software called SimHub where it does software racing dashboards and heds up displays over HTTP connection. So you can run the software on one machine and then access your dashboards from another machine over a simple web browser without the need of a special application.

#4 From @martin_von_sachsen 15.11.2022, 21:30

That is a great idea. Would also solve my mirroring problem: using smartrace on the iPad (which we do not want to change) thet has a 4:3 ratio, the screen space of our 16:9 tv is not fully used when mirroring with apple TV (airplay). 

#5 From @smartrace 06.03.2023, 21:28 Owner

This will be fulfilled by #16359 - this way everyone is free to built with the data whatever they wish. :-)

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