#15896 Small UI artefact

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From @Grumman 05.09.2022, 19:31

I am using a small 10" screen to mirror my android phone to.

I have noticed that if the UI scale drops below 80% the menu button on the top left gets smaller but the square grey background does not. I have attached a photo below to illustrate this.

Also because this happens, some times the time indication gets hidden behind that grey square.

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#1 From @carreradriver 09.09.2022, 13:24

Weil's hier dazupasst hatten wir glaub ich schonmal: iPad Pro (12,9 Zoll, 4. Generation), iOS 15.6.1, Darstellungsgröße 145%.

(siehe Bild: Menü-Icon abgeschnitten)

#2 From @smartrace 12.09.2022, 08:52 Owner

Both fixed, thx, will be part of the next version.

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