#15903 Minimum speed setting for empty fuel tanks

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From @JANK 11.09.2022, 07:28

When setting the switch minimum speed for empty fuel tanks, the speed is way to low. Cars even do not even reach the pitlane due to having difficulty swithsing lanes. This makes the emty fuel option unusable It would be nice to have a setting to control the speed during an empty tank situation. So speed down to e.g. digit 2 or 3 instead of the lowest speed possible. 

#1 From @oj 11.09.2022, 21:35

Habe dasselbe Problem, bei mir bleiben die Autos sogar stehen auf einer Steigung ...

#2 From @smartrace 11.09.2022, 22:17 Owner

Sorry, didn't realize there was already another request already open for this exact issue: #15850 

Closing this one.

@smartrace closed this 11.09.2022, 22:17

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