#15924 Remote Control compatibility

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From @Grumman 17.09.2022, 07:37

I have built a Raspberry Pi 4 into an Android tv box running android 11.

I am using an OSMC remote control which works fine with the OS.

When the remote is used within the Smartrace App, it works fine but it is very difficult to navigate the menus as there is no menu highlighting so you do not really know which menu option you have selected within the app.

I think menu highlighting would be a nice option to have so you can use a remote control to manage the app instead of a traditional keyboard and mouse. 

#1 From @smartrace 06.03.2023, 15:37 Owner

I understand the requirement, but SmartRace is just not meant to be used with remote controls. I'll keep it in mind in case I'm doing a redesign of the user interface though. :-)

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