#15928 Car settings & Initial startup

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From @Grumman 17.09.2022, 08:12

When the app runs for the first time, the status is set to "Preparing" and the Carrera Control Unit has all 5 lights on.

If you press "Re-Apply car settings" from the main menu of SmartRace app, it will apply the settings to all the cars that are on the track and will make the track live with status "Running".

Unfortunately, no laps are counted and no cars/drivers appear when they cross the line.

The session has to be stopped and re-started from Carrera Contol unit and then the app is able to count laps again.

#1 From @smartrace 07.03.2023, 11:04 Owner

Thanks, this will now be prevented and a message will be shown letting the user know what to do.

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