#15974 Weather Setting always reset

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From @FinniFine67 12.10.2022, 21:22

If you wanna start a race with the weather add on you can choose if you want to change the Hoop after the tank was filled up or not. This setting resets every time you want to start a new race

#1 From @smartrace 13.10.2022, 15:29 Owner

Hi there,

could you please let me know the exact setting which resets for you? That would be helpful. Thanks a lot!


#2 From @finnifine67 13.10.2022, 20:02

The photo shows the setting. if you start the app, the setting is set to the first option and stayes at this setting, if you set this to the second option it will stayes there, since here it works fine, but if you want to change the setting now to the first option and start a race, it didnt work or dont stay there for the next races


sry my english is not that good im german;)

#3 From @smartrace 07.03.2023, 11:25 Owner

Danke, ist mit der nächsten Version behoben. Gut beobachtet! 🙃

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