#15978 Didnt notice that the car isnt in pitstop anymore

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From @FinniFine67 13.10.2022, 20:16

Sometimes the app think you are in the pitstop, but you arent in the pitstop anymore, and the counter who counts how long you are in the pitstop counts and counts while you are driving (maybe its a fault from carrera). So sometimes you finish your pitstop (about 5 sec in the pitstop) and didnt want to change the hoops (they will change after 8sec), but the app thinks you are in the pitstop and change your hoops while driving

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#1 From @smartrace 14.10.2022, 00:21 Owner

This is most probably happening because of what is described here: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/trouble-shooting/pit-stop-continues-even-after-leaving-the-pit-lane/

Please feel free to re-open if it turns out to be something different.

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