#15986 SmartRace Connect Server settings to enable speed adjustment from SmartRace Connect

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From @zone4182 18.10.2022, 10:37

Add an option to enable Speed Adjustment from the SmartRace Connect app. Enableing this setting would show a speed adjustment slider in the SmartRace Connect app, similar to the brake adjustment slider already available. In adition add settings to set thresholds for values that can be set (maximung, minumum).

Our carrera track layout (most versions) are pretty technical layouts. Where we race a lot with beginners. Formats usualy are long endurance races, also sometimes edurance races with teams, where during the race multiple players change controller during the race (so control 1 car). Being able to change speed settings in addition to brake settings, lets the player in charge of the controller find his/her balance during sessions (practice, qualifying, race) without the race controller having to do so. Having advantage/disadvantace in this case is calculated in to the setting, but having a slower car during this endurance, can actually be a beig benefit for some players crashing out to much, this way they get the chance to have a higher frequency of laps and even win over players, that gamble with higher speeds. Also it adds to the team play feeling, because team mates, not driving at that point can help by changing settings for the drivers and therefore together find good balance for the team driver.

@atomise and 2 others support this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.

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