#16038 Driver Red Flag via controller – Long press lane change button.

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From @rexcadral 20.11.2022, 22:43

If the driver is not in the pits, and the driver is not applying throttle, pressing and holding the lane change button should result in a Red Flag event a "track call" where all cars are stopped automatically as if the "start" button on the command unit had been pressed.

Other track management software does this and it's really convenient if you don't have track marshals.

#1 From @smartrace 21.11.2022, 12:15 Owner

Hi there,

for Carrera Digital it is not possible to use the "lane change button pressed" information in any software, since the Control Unit doesn't transmit it via the interfaces (either cable or bluetooth).

I know there are solutions which require hardware changes to utilize the lane change button, e.g. for track calls. See here for example: https://www.slotcardreams.at/index.php/produkte-kategorien/cockpit-xp/erweiterungen/scd0141


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