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From @jabraham 17.12.2022, 01:53

Hello, for the last month the program seems to lock up after a caution and sometimes on the start of a race. It will count down for the race to start, the cars will run, but laps are not counted.The only changes I have made is added more cars, and added the weather add on. Anyone else having this problem? Thinking the weather add on might be the problem I do not use it, but this did not help.

Jim A.

#1 From @smartrace 17.12.2022, 09:28 Owner

Hi Jim,

does the app also lose the connection for a very brief moment? In that case it might be this issue: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/trouble-shooting/smartrace-5-6-2-bluetooth-connection-is-disconnected-again-and-again/

Could you please check this and let me know? Thanks!


#2 From @jabraham 17.12.2022, 10:29

No, the app does not loose the bluetooth connection. This morning I tried turning off LTBFS, this did not help so I turned off the fuel simulation, this did not help either. The problem mainly occurs after a restart from a caution, I can start a new race and it seems to work fine. I also tried resetting the control unit.


#3 From @smartrace 17.12.2022, 10:36 Owner

Ah, very interesting. Do you have the chance to record a video of the behavior so I can take a look? That would be very helpful.

#4 From @jabraham 17.12.2022, 11:02

I found out today that by running more than 1 ghoust car causes my problems. I ran a basic race with no ghoust car and the program worked great, this is with the fuel simulation and LTBFS on. Next I used 1 ghoust car in a race, the program worked fine. But after adding another ghoust car (now running 2) my problem popped up right away. If you can come up with fix for this it would be great, but I now know what causes the problem.

Thanks for the great race program! Our group races every week and we always use your program.


#5 From @jabraham 17.12.2022, 13:35

My video files are too large to send. It may take a while for me to send them to you.

#6 From @jabraham 17.12.2022, 13:59

I maybe be able to files in a text message. Do you have phone number I could send to?

#7 From @jabraham 18.12.2022, 14:08

Very short video showing restart after caution. 2 ghoust cars

#8 From @smartrace 19.12.2022, 08:24 Owner

Thats very interesting indeed. I'll take a look and will try to see what causes this. I'll come back to you as soon as I've got any news on the matter. Thanks for your effort with the video, I think this will be sufficient for now :-)


#9 From @jabraham 20.12.2022, 13:55

 Hello Marc, I'm beggining to think the problem is on my end. At times I can run a race without any problems, come back a few hours later and have trouble. Yesterday I was thinking it could be a hardware problem, maybe with the CU, AppConnect or one of the digital chips in a ghoust car. We will be doing a lot racing on Thursday, if I find something out I'll get back to you.


#10 From @jabraham 25.12.2022, 16:06

 Hello, the problem was coming from a Carrera digital chip that was mounted in a Pioneer car. Finally figured it out.

One suggestion, on the car Tuning Screen showing speed limit, can the lap speed for cars be shown? Or lap speed for the one car being tuned.

I hope I did not cause you too much trouble.

Happy Holidays,


#11 From @smartrace 25.12.2022, 17:23 Owner

Thanks for the update, glad you figured it out 👍😉

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