#16210 Custom Sound Track Calls

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From @TRU 23.01.2023, 16:10

It would be fun to be able to customize the track calls.  Currently we have option to do Speeach Output or None on track calls with canned sound bytes.  Wouild be fun to replace the sound with a custom sound file (.wav) or text to speech.  Perferablly text to speech.

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#1 From @smartrace 24.01.2023, 10:06 Owner

Thats a nice idea. I could imagine having a separate area in SmartRace where you can edit all text to speech segments. I'll think about it. 👍

#2 From @tru 25.01.2023, 16:21

This was a fun hack I was able to find in another RMS that was on the Windows platform.  I was able to find a text file that I was able to edit to change the track calls.  But, discoverd if the track calls became too wordy could causing some timing issues on other important audio.  Funny at times of how the text to speech engine pronounced words.  Overall, not a necessary feature but racers could really have some fun with custom track calls.

#3 From @ottovalvole 06.01.2024, 13:20

I would love to see the option to use short .wav or .mp3 files for the track calls. Carrera X-lap has those and the voice is much more enthusiastic compared to the synthesized calls in SmartRace.

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