#16216 Allow Download of All Images of Cars

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From @TRU 25.01.2023, 13:43

First thank you for creating the image gallery of all the cars. This is a great one stop to find the images. Many of my images from my other RMS are not in 4:3 an need to be redownloaded to meet requirements of Smartrace. Currently we need to scroll through the cars and download each one individually.  This is time consuming and monontonous. Can you provide a link to a master file to download all images?

  • Download full gallery of images>
  • Download by scale?
  • Perhaps provide a Google Drive link to select all images desired and download as a batch?

thank you!!

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#1 From @smartrace 06.03.2023, 14:53 Owner

Hi Tom,

this is not possible unfortunately. Since I don't own the rights of the images, I'm not allowed to include them into the app in any way.


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