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From @eduatkinso29 06.02.2023, 22:28

Hi, I'm from Argentina, and I bought the software from you a long time ago, I estimate more than a year. Although, unfortunately due to life itself, I don't have as much time available i desire to use the slot track(Family, work, etc), when I use it, with the Smart race system, the races become fabulous. 
I Like to make a suggestion, to add a feature, if posible, that I read, on the Slot.it page. It's an interesting function, of the oxygen system, that I would like to know, if at any time is possible, to develop in smart race. 
That function is the cars speed reduction, when them enter the pitline. I think it is a very interesting function, since in many cases, such as my track, the pitlane is not so big, and the cars enter and exit at high speed and control it is not so simple, and it is logical collisions happen, when there are several cars in the pitline. 
I don't know if it's possible in smart race, since I don't know anything about programming, but i think it would be a very useful feature.
Greetings from Argentina
Eduardo Atkinson
PS: Apology if my English is not the best. I do not speak German.

#1 From @smartrace 07.02.2023, 08:30 Owner

Hi Eduardo,

thanks for your suggestion! No worries about your english, it's good for me to understand. :-)

Unfortunately your suggestion is not technically feasible, since there is no sensor to detect the pit entry and pit exit of a car. There is only one sensor which is built into the pit box itself, but that's already too late to adapt the speed of the car.

You can however create a speed limit by having the pit lane on a different power source. There are manuals on the internet on how to do this (mostly in german unfortunately). You might be able to find useful information if you search for "Carrera Digital Stromversorgung Pit Lane entkoppeln" or something like this.

Hope this helps.


#2 From @eduatkinso29 07.02.2023, 15:40

Thank you very much Marc, for your quick response.I will investigate about it, in German, as you suggest me.  Now with the translators, things are easier.Thanks again!!!EDuardo

PS: Marc, Smart race is excellent!!! Please keep on this way!

#3 From @smartrace 07.02.2023, 15:42 Owner

Thank you Eduardo, I appreciate your kind words! :-)

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