#16242 SmartRace Connect: wheel not spinning when changing tyres

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From @nordicnoir 06.02.2023, 23:20

When using the weather module, there is a small discrepancy between the main app and the smartConnect app:

When a driver is changing tyres, on the main app the wheel behind his/her name is spinning indicating the actual changing. However on the SmartConnect cockpit, this is not the case. The wheel does not spin, making it difficult to determine if the changing of the tyres has actually begun. It does however show the correct tyre (yellow for slicks, blue for wet tyres).

@nordicnoir added the label Android 06.02.2023, 23:20
#1 From @smartrace 07.02.2023, 08:31 Owner

Thanks, I'll consider changing this.

#2 From @smartrace 07.03.2023, 11:07 Owner

Not adding this for now since it would require to send additional data during the pit stop, possible causing performance issues. 

@smartrace closed this 07.03.2023, 11:07

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