#16263 Day/Night Cycle & Weather – Smart Light Integration

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From @MudFlap 19.02.2023, 02:14


I love how you have the weather function built into the SmartRace app. What would be an awesome addition to this feature is if you could integrate the weather feature with the Phillips Hue Bridge so you can have the storm/weather add-on control lighting modes to replicate storm lightning etc. This would also be awesome with a Day/Night cycle so you can replicate 24hr racing conditions with storm/weather changes where you could set the time of day to start the race and it could slowly change the smart lighting to replicate morning/afternoon/dusk and night using the phillips Hue Bridge.

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#1 From @dirtydogracing 06.03.2023, 16:03

This is something I would love to see also, I think it would greatly improve the realism 

#2 From @smartrace 06.03.2023, 21:29 Owner

This will be fulfilled by #16359 - this way everyone is free to built with the data whatever they wish. :-)

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