#16269 New Tires when not desired.

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From @TRU 21.02.2023, 16:48

 I have found that afer leaving pit before the change tires time, the tires get changed as racer is halfway around the track.  Racer then has to kill another 10 seconds in pit to get correct tires that should not have been changed.

#1 From @smartrace 21.02.2023, 22:01 Owner

The reason is this. Unfortunately nothing that can be fixed by me.

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#2 From @teoska 08.03.2023, 23:55

A me invece capita che quando entro ai box per fare rifornimento di carburante mi cambi anche le gomme, anche se ho già quelle adatte per il meteo, costringendomi a dover ritornare ai box al giro successivo per fare il cambio gomme.

Si può risolvere il problema? Altrimenti o si gioca con il meteo o con il consumo di carburante... 


#3 From @smartrace 09.03.2023, 08:02 Owner

Ciao @teoska

you can use the setting in the attached screenshot to make sure that tires are only changed after you refueled to 100%.

Hope this helps.


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