#16277 Safty car

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From @Seb 22.02.2023, 17:58


Couldn't we drive a safty car by pushing the VSC button?

#1 From @smartrace 23.02.2023, 08:12 Owner

Hi Seb,

you can deploy the Safety Car (not virtual Safety Car) by pressing the ESC button either on the Control Unit or in SmartRace.

Hope this helps.


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#2 From @seb 23.02.2023, 08:27

Yes I know, but it would be nice to be able to do both with one manipulation.Because it's not easy to drive, press a button on the UNIT control and on the screen. That's a lot of manipulations. It would be more comfortable to centralize everything.

#3 From @smartrace 23.02.2023, 08:38 Owner

I understand, but SC and VSC are two completely different things. It wouldn't make sense to deploy both at the same time.

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