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From @TRU 23.02.2023, 17:52

It appears proper setup and operation of Analog Mode has only 50% succcess rate.


  • When setting hotspot, Sometimes the lane number will change to Pit before starting race.
  • Sometimes when starting race the car is not detected in hotspot to begin timing/race.
  • Sometimes after the race is started and counting laps successfully, entering the pit is not successful with car detection.
  • Sometimes after car enters pit and is detected refueling with not start.

Is there a light bridge product available to connect to tablet or phone to detect laps?  If not, would the app/code be able to read a bridge if one were built?

Thank you,

Tom Urich

#1 From @smartrace 24.02.2023, 09:12 Owner

Hi Tom,

I think probably all of the issues you mentioned are connected to the sensitivity of the hotspot. Maybe you could play around with this a bit and see if that improves the situation. 

But there is still room for improving the overall mechanism for sure. I plan to dive a bit deeper into the analog mechanisms in SmartRace Connect very soon and I'll check if the things can be improved.

Currently there is no light bridge available and SmartRace wouldn't be able to use it right now. I've talked to a manufacturer at the German toy fair some weeks ago and they plan to release a light bridge with bluetooth capabilities this or next year. They promised to keep me in the loop and I will for sure make SmartRace compatible with that.


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