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From @TRU 08.03.2023, 01:31

Here is a great feature In my last RMS.

When car needs to enter pit, activate blinking lights on car.  Lights stop blinking when exiting pit.

Great visual when difficult to hear announcer.

#1 From @smartrace 08.03.2023, 16:42 Owner

Hi Tom,

this is actually a feature of the Control Unit. If you're using the Control Unit's fuel simulation, the cars will start blinking once the fuel tank is empty.

If you want to trigger the blinking via software, you actually have to send a command to the CU for each car to make it blink three times, which means that you have to send a lot of commands. Since every of those commands is "blocking" the CU to receive/send other commands, this is not an option. I'm sorry.


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