#16427 Tire compounds, Tire wear, and Pit stops

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From @DirtyDogRacing 22.03.2023, 13:23

Instead of just wet or dry tires maybe 4 choices?

Type of tires you want to use selectable in Smartrace Connect


Dry 1) Fast (faster but wears quickly) (Example: Boost speed 10% but wear out in 10 laps)

Dry 2) Balanced  (Example: Average speed but wear out in 15 laps)

Dry 3) Long Lasting (longest lasting but slower) (Example: Reduce speed 10% but wear out in 20 laps)

Each is configurable by race host for how many laps they last

As you race there performance degrades affecting speed

Also having choices (maybe check boxes) selectable in Smartrace Connect of what to do when you next pit.



Tires (if you select tires also have a choice of what type of tire to install)


Which ones you check are the only ones completed during that pit stop

If you only check Fuel then pit, you only get Fuel

If you check Fuel and Tires then pit, you get Fuel and Tires


These choices affect how long your pit stop is

@atomise and @maticmikec support this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
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There might come a simpler version of what you suggested - this has already been proposed in #14365 - closing this one.

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