#16445 SmartRace Connect on Chromebook Analog Mode

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From @TRU 02.04.2023, 06:00


After less desirable results using Android phone at lap sensor,  I am trying to use an Chromebook with externale web cam that I can hang directly over the track.

Chromebook loads Smartrace connect and connects to server no problem.

When I choose Analog... the Loading icon just spins.  Any advise appreciated.  Really want to be able to use the analog mode reliably. 


#1 From @smartrace 02.04.2023, 11:15 Owner

Hi Tom,

this could be a permission issue. Could you check if there is a possibility to grant the camera permission to SmartRace Connect somewhere in ChromeOS? In case the permission is already there, I currently don't have any idea what could go wrong there. This issue happened on some devices in the past, but it's unclear what is causing it.


#2 From @smartrace 16.04.2023, 19:36 Owner

Hi Tom,

any news on the issue from your side?


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