#16548 Problem with lap based fuel consumption

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From @DirtyDogRacing 27.05.2023, 08:31

What is the point of setting fuel tank size? 5% in 1 lap is still 5% no matter what size the tank is. The same goes for pitstops no matter what size the tank is it is still a % of 100% If it was by gallons or liters wouldn't it be better? 

#1 From @smartrace 27.05.2023, 14:48 Owner

The fuel tank size has only effects on the Control Units fuel simulation, but not on the lap time based fuel simulation. Did you maybe confuse this?

#2 From @dirtydogracing 27.05.2023, 16:59

Ok, I thought it worked for both. My mistake 

@smartrace closed this 29.05.2023, 10:19

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