#16560 Data Interface: add id to events

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From @nordicnoir 01.06.2023, 08:42

Hi, I have been reviewing the documentation of the data interface for a possible lighting and database project. I noticed you are not assigning any (uu)id to the events, which makes grouping or correlating them difficult. I would suggest to:

  • add a unique (uu)id to a race start event: this defines the parent id
  • add the parent id to each of the other race events, so we know that these events correspond to a particular race

That would make it possible to store the events in a database, correlate them and take actions based on the evaluation of multiple events. I know I can generate a unique uuid myself if the race start event is triggered, but that would be somewhat unreliable and not very good design :)

@dirtydogracing and @atomise support this. Log in if you'd like to support this, too.
#1 From @smartrace 01.06.2023, 10:14 Owner

Hey there,

thanks for the suggestion. I see what you mean, I'll think about how to implement something like this.

I'd be very interested in getting to know what you're planning to use the data interface exactly for.  Happy to see that people start actually using it :-)


#2 From @smartrace 16.11.2023, 11:24 Owner

Added for the next version. I'll update the docs once the new version is available.

@smartrace closed this 16.11.2023, 11:24

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