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From @max3visan 12.07.2023, 10:16

Hi, I bought your app and it's great! But I only do Rally races. I wanted to ask you if the development of the integration of RALLY races and championships is in your plans. Currently with this version I don't know how to manage this type of event as I necessarily have to use two lanes while rally races take place on a single lane. Thank you

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#1 From @smartrace 12.07.2023, 10:25 Owner

Hi there! I think as a quick fix you could just add another hotspot and move it to the lane (while moving away hotspot #1) when you want to run another car/driver. 

#2 From @max3visan 12.07.2023, 10:35

I'm sorry, I think I don't understand how to do it! Could you explain better with an example?

#3 From @smartrace 12.07.2023, 10:38 Owner

You can move the hotspots in the analog sensor mode in SmartRace Connect with your finger (drag & drop). You could add two hotspots and move the second one out of the way so it doesn't get triggered.

If you're done with the first run, you move the first hotspot out of the way and drag the second one on the lane. Then you can do another run which will be counted for driver 2 (which you can properly assign in the SmartRace main app).

#4 From @max3visan 12.07.2023, 10:41

Thanks, now I understand!!! Thanks 1000But can you tell me if in the future you plan to develop the specific integration to manage Rally races and championships?

#5 From @smartrace 12.07.2023, 10:42 Owner

I don't have any specific plans for this, but you're welcome to post any feature ideas related to this topic, describing what you'd like to see implemented and how it should work. If there are more people supporting the idea, I'll think about it :-)


#6 From @max3visan 12.07.2023, 10:48

I am writing to you from Italy and here the Rally is having more and more success. National championships are also held. In Spain, however, they are light years ahead of us with the Rally. I'm sure that for this type of competition your App could become an important point of reference if it had the dedicated section.I try very willingly to write you what could be the specifications to be integrated into the app.In the meantime, thank you for your courtesy. Hi Massimo


#7 From @smartrace 12.07.2023, 10:53 Owner

Grazie Massimo! I'm looking forward to reading your ideas :-)


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#8 From @max3visan 12.07.2023, 22:53

Hi Marc,I tried to write to you in the simplest way how a Rally Slot race runs. I hope it's understandable. In case you even decide to think about it, I would be completely available to help you and give you all the necessary information. I would be your first promoter at all clubs in Italy.

SmartRace RALLY race

INITIAL SETTINGS- All Rally races are played on analog cars and tracks.- Insertion of DRIVERS, CARS and TRACKS (as per the current SmartRace system)- Rally races are divided into 4 categories: (LEGEND - 4WD - 2WD - WRC) these can very well be LABEL items that are assigned when entering cars.- An entire race consists of several stages (tracks). For example a race can be carried out on 4 tracks. The stage is run on TRACK 1 with WRC cars, on TRACK 2 with LEGEND cars, on track 3 with 2WD cars and on track 4 with 4WD cars.- Usually each stage is run twice, one in one direction and one in the other, but this is an initial setting.- When a race consists of many stages, there must be the possibility to choose, at the start of the race, an important setting: the cancellation of the best and worst time for each driver.

RACE PREPARATION- First you enter the pilots (from 1 to X) so you can also compete alone.- The tracks on which the race takes place are set (from 1 to X)- Cars are chosen- You set how many laps you have to do on each track (for each race the number of laps is always the same on all tracks).- You set the controller (which is always 1 as you always race one at a time).

EXAMPLE RACE:- DRIVER 1 starts his race on TRACK 1. He completes the required laps and the system records the times (as per the current SmartRace system)- DRIVER 2 starts his race on TRACK 1... and so on all the other drivers up to the last one.- If the race takes place on more than one track, DRIVER 1 starts his race on TRACK 2 ... and so on for all the other riders.- When all the drivers have run all the tracks, the system calculates the overall times and the fastest driver wins the race

CHAMPIONSHIP- Individual races can be part of a championship (as per the current SmartRace system)

I hope I was clear.I thank yousee you soon Max

#9 From @smartrace 13.07.2023, 09:11 Owner

Thanks Max!

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#10 From @max3visan 15.12.2023, 12:55

Hi Mark, do you have any news about the implementation for managing rally races? I can't find anything that is as aesthetically pleasing as your application. When I go to the club to do rally races it feels like I'm in prehistory. You still take the times by hand and you know the result even a couple of days later, when someone enters the data into an excel sheet. While for speed races they have everything super automated... Just let me know if the implementation for rally races is in your future plans or if you just don't think about it, so I won't think about it anymore and I will look for another solution that is certainly not all height of yours. Thanks Massimo

#11 From @smartrace 18.12.2023, 09:18 Owner

Hi Max,

I currently don't have any news on this, I'm sorry. I read your explanation and I think I can implement something for this in future versions, but I don't have any schedule that I could give you. :-(


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