#16648 Analog mode for HO scale

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From @giscitelli@outlook.com 01.08.2023, 19:07

Hi to everyone 

I got my version of SR and I feel so happy for that. Nice app to take advantage for all race management. 

Because I run mainly HO slot cars,  so is it possible to include on database recollection data, the brand AFX, Tomy, Tyco,Carrera First, Aurora, Faller, ect? The same with the scale, 1:64 or HO is so fine. 

Also, run using the round Robin mode is a must in HO scale. That is, in a two-lane track, system assigned one manche in one lane and the other one in the other lane?

Thank you in advance to everyone wants to answer about these requests.

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#1 From @smartrace 07.02.2024, 12:58 Owner

Hi there,

the 1:64 scale as well as the manufacturers you mentioned will be added to the next version.

Could you give a brief explanation of how the Round Robin mode would work? Thank you!


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