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From @sonotono 14.08.2023, 19:00


Months ago I purchased some Add-ons, and Smartrace Connect is one of them. It works fine for some time, but now Pit Radio does not work anymore. The app Smartrace Connect says that I have to purchase the add-ons in order to put Pit radio on, but I already purchased it! It's a bit frustrating. Smartrace Connect works but without any sound or voice.

Furthermore, it seems that the system makes checks continuously on Add-ons I purchased, one time it recognized them, but after a while it checks again and maybe it has some difficulties to read from server. I don't know if there is a relation between this checks repeated and app Smartrace Connect strange behaviour, but, in any case, I think it will be more funcional if system makes a check of add-ons purchased only one time on start of the program, and not continuously.

Thank you!

#1 From @smartrace 14.08.2023, 22:43 Owner

Hi there,

are you sure you purchased the Pit Radio add on? Otherwise it's only included for holders of the Champions Club subscription.

Can you check this?


#2 From @sonotono 14.08.2023, 22:50


I have the Smartrace Connection Server Add-ons (and others) as You can see  on the image.

Thank you.

#3 From @smartrace 14.08.2023, 22:51 Owner

Hi there,

yes, but these are add ons for SmartRace. The pit radio feature is an add on for SmartRace Connect and needs to be purchased there.


#4 From @sonotono 14.08.2023, 22:56

Ah, ok. Do I need 1 for each device, or can I buy one time and it works for all devices?

Pit Radio worked just until last time I use it, some months ago. Something is changed?

Thank you.

#5 From @smartrace 14.08.2023, 23:04 Owner

No, it was like this from the start. Are you sure you're referring to the pit radio in SmartRace Connect and not the voice overs in SmartRace? Just to be sure.

The pit radio add on would need to be purchased for every device that should be able to use it - or you subscribe to the Champions Club, which will automatically enable all add ons for all connected devices.


#6 From @sonotono 15.08.2023, 00:08

Mmm, maybe I used Pit Radio when I tried Championship Club, then I purchased only some of the add-ons, and I lost Pit Radio. I think it was included in Smartrace Connect server.

I do not find indications in the rules. How Pit-Radio add-ons works? I buy it in the device I need it, with my google account, and it works only in this device? I ask this, because I use some old smartphones for Smartrace Connect for me and my son, maybe not always the same smartphone. The add-ons is linked to the device, or to the google account? If I change device but with the same google account it continues to work?

Thank you for your support.


#7 From @smartrace 15.08.2023, 09:19 Owner

Hey Antonio,

the add ons are bound to the account they're purchased with. That being said, you can share purchases using the family sharing feature of Google Play. This way all other devices within the same family group can use your purchases as well.

Hope this helps.


#8 From @sonotono 15.08.2023, 09:52

Good morning Mark,

yes, this helps a lot, it is decisive!

Now I buy the additional components of the Pit Radio with my Google account, the rest of the non-family players must buy it from themselves, if they want to speak with pit and the mechanics.

Thank you.



The other thing I mentioned, the continuous check for the additional components made by the software, can sometimes create a little inconvenience, if you use a Wi-Fi router without internet connection to connect all devices with Smartrace Connection Server.

I start the program with internet to check the add-ons, then I go to the wi-fi connection without internet, and all the others checks fails.


#9 From @smartrace 15.08.2023, 10:03 Owner

Hi Antonio,

if you have guests over on a regular basis and would like them to be able to use the addons for SmartRace Connect without having to purchase them, I'd recomment the Champions Club if thats an option for you.

For the other thing: Could you please describe a bit more why you think any check would fail as soon as the internet connection is gone? I don't think there are continuous checks running anywhere in the software, thats why I'm curious. Thanks!


#10 From @sonotono 15.08.2023, 10:29

Hi Mark,

with friends we only play from time to time, it happens that for a few months the track is almost hibernating, for this reason I prefer do not use the Champions Club.

At the beginning I made the subscription for a few months, to try all the available add-ons, after which I bought the ones I liked most (Championship, Connect Server, Lap Time Based Fuel Simulation and Weather, to which I add Pit Radio now).

For the discourse on the check of the add-ons made by the software, I can tell you that in the start, the first time I check the add-ons, they are read correctly. Subsequently, every time I return to the add-on window, it remains to load forever, as you can see in the image. The only way to read again the add-ons is reboot the system.


#11 From @smartrace 15.08.2023, 10:31 Owner

Ah, okay, I see. I'll check that. Thanks for letting me know!

#12 From @sonotono 15.08.2023, 10:37

Perhaps it would be enough to set a single control at the start and then block the subsequent checks, I don't know.

Thanks for the support!


#13 From @smartrace 08.09.2023, 14:53 Owner

This has been reworked for the next version coming up in a few weeks hopefully, then the issue should be gone.

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