#16674 Slot.It Carrera Decoders don’t play nice with SmartRace

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From @Wiliam 18.08.2023, 10:21

Chipped two cars with the Slot.It Carrera Decoders and noticed that if you use weather events, which I do, the Car becomes unusable after a weather event. It slows to a point where it will stall on double crossovers and SmartRace cannot redet this speed. I have to use the Carrera CU to reset the speed. Then the next weather event - and it's hosed again.

Seems like the Slot.It decoders do *not* conform to the Carrera protocol.

#1 From @smartrace 20.08.2023, 09:57 Owner

Hi Bill,

as you said, there is not much I can do about this, I'm sorry. :-(

When I asked you to post it to this platform, I was referring to the sounds suggestions :-)


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