#16776 Save Free Practice Session Data

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From @ScottSCR 13.10.2023, 07:12


 I would like to have the ability to save free practice data the same way that you can for qualifying and races.  I mostly run cars by myself and would like to just be able to start a practice session after tuning a car, and be able to review that data via a "csv" file to compare laptimes, sector times, pit stops, etc. without the burden of setting up a qualifing session or race when I'm just running the car by myself.



#1 From @smartrace 18.10.2023, 12:12 Owner

Hi Scott,

I think it is a pretty small inconvenience to start a qualifying session in order to be able to save the data - at least it doens't justify the rather huge amount of work it would take to change the current concept to allow for saving free practices. :-)


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