#16867 Car color not overwriting controller color on race screen (Exchange Championship)

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From @rickrideout 19.11.2023, 16:07

Hey Marc, 

Not sure if this is a issue or just the way it has to be done. But I ran into an issue with the Race Screen (Timing table) contoller colors when doing a Exchange Championship.  I recently switched from contoller colors to letting each car overwrite the controller color you see on the race screen.  Which works perfectly when you go to the Controller Assignments page and hit Save.  I found when I set up a Exchange Championship and chose the cars I want to use then press Apply Assignments that the race screen still shows the controller colors and not the car colors.  The only way to get the race screen to let the car colors overwrite the controller color is to go to the Controller Assignments page and hit Save. (you don't have to make any changes, just hit save)  After doing that the race screen controller colors are overwrittten with the car colors.

Is this an issue or do I have to always remember to go to the Controller Assignments page and hit Save when doing a Exchange Championship to see the car colors?  Or am I doing something wrong? :-)

Also while I have you here,  It would be a nice feature if in settings (or anywhere) I could choose if I wanted the contoller color to be overwritten or not.  It looks like for me to go back to using the contoller colors I have to delete each car color one by one.

Thanks for all you do.


#1 From @smartrace 20.11.2023, 10:35 Owner

Hey Rick,

thanks for reporting this, that is indeed a bug which I fixed. For the next release it should work as expected.

For disabling the overwriting: I feel that would contradict the whole point of setting the color in the first place, but I'll think about it :-)


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#2 From @rickrideout 20.11.2023, 17:24

I don't want to reopen this case but I'll give you more to think about with the ablity to disable the overwriting. 

When I do an exchange championship and post them on Youtube I'd like the controller color to match the car color. I feel it helps a viewer figure out which car is driven by which driver.  But when I'm just racing with friends and family it's easier to make assignments and changes if the race screen color matches the controller color.  I can quickly look at the race screen to see what color controller someone is holding and know which controller to make changes too. (Guest sometimes change cars so often it's hard to keep up with who's driving what car.) So having a way to turn overwrite off would be a big help to me.  But since I'm the first one to find the bug then there must not be many people using this car color overwrite feature.  So if you add the ablity to turn it off, I will probably be the only one using it. :-) 

By the way, I posted a video on the Smartrace facebook page where I'm using the car colors on the race screen, plus I'm using a lot of screen shots from SmartRace in the video. (at the beginning and end of video.)

One more thing, The Fuel Simulator is working prefectly!  (but I also requested that the fuel be updated at each check lane. That would cause you to pit one lap earlier or run out of fuel before making it back to the pits, but it's working fine without it)

Thanks again, Marc


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