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From @Antarw 26.11.2023, 02:21

  Could you please add a new Team Race to the Race Screen. What I am suggesting is for a specific Team Race or Team Race series that allows groups of two or three drivers to compet against each other. The number of teams could be unlimited or set to six or eight teams maximum. Each driver is not required to use all the cars. Instead each driving team would be required to drive against each teams cars. The drivers should be randomly or manually selected to drive each team of cars. 

Qualifying would run for 1 to 5 minutes. The top qualifying times would automtically transfer to the New Race and poll position would be based on the qualifying times achieved by each driver. The winning team would be based on the amount of points acumulated over all the automatically scheduled team races. Sample team list below:

Team 1: Driver A1, Driver A2, Driver A3 - Audi Cars

Team 2: Driver B1, Driver B2, Driver B3 - BMW Cars

Team 3: Driver C1, Driver C2, Driver C3 - Merceedes Cars 

Team 4: Driver D1, Driver D2, Driver D3 - Cheverolet Cars


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