#16950 Lap Based Time Fuel Simulation – incorporate tank capacity

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Would it be possible to have this aspect of LBTFS:

  • Consumption in % per lap: Here you set by how many percentage points the tank should empty per lap (depending on the lap time driven).

to be based upon the size of the fuel tank in each car? Right now if a car has a capacity of 20% and another car has a capacity of 100%, they will run out of fuel at the exact same time if they are matching lap times. I'd like to have the formula consider the smaller tank in such a way that it empties faster. For example, if I have the consumption set to 10% per lap but my fuel tank capcity set at 20%, I would like LBTFS to tell me I am out of fuel after two laps (near the reference time) but my opponent (with the same lap times) would last 10 laps before needing to fuel. In this way I can use the fuel capacity as another tool in evening out the playing field. This becomes particularly useful in the event of using controllers 5 & 6 where I cannot independently set the fuel tank size for those cars (Using the CU to set capacity for any car sets it for all six cars at once unfortunately). Perhaps when using LBTFS, you could manage all those aspects within Smartrace and bypass the Carrera firmware issue related to controllers 5 & 6?

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Hi there,

I understand the idea, but decided against implementing this for now, since it would further complicate the setup and configuration process. I hope you understand my reasoning. Thanks for your suggestion anyway!


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