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From @Wiliam 26.12.2023, 23:47

I've been noticing a problem in the weather events of late. The probability for such events is set to 60% and I've experimented with higher values, and It doesn't seem to match up with what actually happens. Example: Probability is set to 60% and I run 4 or 5 races and never get a weather event. Right now it is set for 70% and I've run 4 races and no events. What's going on here ?

#1 From @smartrace 02.01.2024, 15:32 Owner

Hi William,

the calculation for whether or not it will rain is currently not very flexible. Basically you need to set the probability to 100% if you want to be sure that it will rain. Every other value is very likely to not produce any rain at all. I'm working on this to make it more realistic, but it'll take some time.


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