#16974 Customizable Smart Race Connect Driver Screens

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From @ShowMeSlotCar 30.12.2023, 23:58

I love that I have the ability to change the race screen on the main app. However, the screen that shows on the separate device when using the Connect App has a lot of information that I do not need most of the time.

Things I do not typically need and would love the ability to remove when not using:

1. Tires

2. Weather

3. Damages

Things that are currently not available or I would like to increase the size:

1. Laps Remaining

2. I wish I could make the Fuel Guage take up more of the screen like you can on the main app race screens.

I am sure ther are other things, but if I could remove the parts that I am not using and increase the size of the things that I am using that would be INCREDIBLY helpful. Typically the racers are using cell phones for the Connect App and they are much smaller than the tablet or mirrored screen that are showing the main app. If we could adjust the size of the important stuff that would make this feature even more useful.


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