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From @Peter 13.01.2024, 07:53


I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE and trying to connect to Samsung phones. It generates the QR code ok, but when I scan the QR code on any device it just creates a text note, not a connection to a server. I have tried with old and new Samsung phones and ipads.



#1 From @smartrace 13.01.2024, 10:51 Owner

Hi Pete,

just to be sure: You need to scan the QR code using the free SmartRace Connect app, not your smartphone camera. Are you doing it like this?


#2 From @peter 14.01.2024, 04:39

Thanks for the prompt response.

Ok, so I put the connect app on my phones. I must have mis-read that instruction. Now when I scan the QR code using samsung S8, S9 or S23 I get an error stating "There was an error communicating with the server, please try again." When I try connecting with the Samsung S5 I het an error saying Smartrace connect has stopped and it closes the program.

#3 From @smartrace 14.01.2024, 14:21 Owner

Hi Peter,

okay, thanks for the clarification :-)

It sounds to me as if the devices where either not on the same wifi network or the network was configured to block direct communication between the devices. Could you please take a look here and see if any of this helps? https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/smartrace-connect-start-server/


#4 From @peter 15.01.2024, 09:55

Hi Marc,

All devices are on the same network and close to the router. I worked out the problem. In the router config the 2.4Ghz channel was set to auto. When I changed it to a defined channel they connectted. Presumably the devices were selected different channels when they connected to the wi-fi.


#5 From @smartrace 15.01.2024, 09:56 Owner

Great you figured it out Peter! Happy its working now. I'll add the thing about the channels to the help section of the website.

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