#17093 Cannot Add More Than 8 Cars

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From @JasonL0510 13.02.2024, 03:50

Running 5.7.4 on Samsung. App has been great and i was going to add all of my cars... 30+.

However, it will not accept any cars over 8 total.

Please advise-

Jason Lasswell

#1 From @smartrace 13.02.2024, 14:23 Owner

Hi Jason,

that is strange - do you receive any kind of error message when trying to add the next car?


#2 From @jasonl0510 14.02.2024, 01:43

Figured it out. If you try and use an image that is not a jpeg or whatever else the program recognizes it won't let you add the car file. 


Verified I used a jpeg and it worked so user error

#3 From @smartrace 14.02.2024, 08:09 Owner

Great, thank you for the update. Did you receive any kind of error message when trying to add a "wrong" image?

#4 From @jasonl0510 14.02.2024, 19:31

No, I would hit the save button and it would highlight but not save and just stay in the entry screen.

#5 From @smartrace 14.02.2024, 21:22 Owner

Okay, thank you, I'll make sure to look into it.

#6 From @smartrace 28.02.2024, 13:39 Owner

I tried to reproduce it, but it works with every kind of image I pick. Could you please send me one of the images that didnt work for you? Thanks!

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