#17100 Turn off track when a car goes off the track

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From @Hancop 15.02.2024, 02:55

Would you be able to keep pinging all the cars in the race (or would that be a performance issue), then when one or more are not found, then maybe delay a second (in case car was coming out of curve sideways or something and lost contact for a sec) then check all cars again and if the same car still has no response assume it is off the track and turn power off to the track. Then race co-ordinator could restart race with count down once back on. Of course settings for this like: turn on or off; how long of a delay before retest, penalty for going off; how long penalty and possibly more would have to user selectable and part of configuration. There is more to consider here to like multiple cars off at one time, so am sure is not that easy to do. Anyways thanks for your consideration.

#1 From @smartrace 15.02.2024, 12:15 Owner

Hi there,

unfortunately this is not possible from a technical point of view. The track doesn't keep track of the cars which are on it and so SmartRace can't know it either :-(


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