#17104 Smart race re-sets all car settings

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From @psubowhunter 19.02.2024, 05:21

Having some issues mostly related to smart race, I think, I'll try and explain what is happening. 

OK we setup up free practice, or a race, doesn't matter, we program the car's speed and brakes at the CU, or in the Smart race program, that doesn't matter either. 

We start the race or free practice and as best we can tell the the CU resets itself all the lights flash 1 2 3 4 5 like its re-programming the cars and the cars setting go back to FULL SPEED, almost destroyed a few cars like this. 

NOW if we don't start a race or practice with smart race the CU seems to work fine, the cars keep their settings, BUT as soon as we start a race, or free practice in smart race, boom all cars reset to FULL SPEED. 

Has anyone ever had this happen or this issue, is it a smart race problem, or do I have a bad CU? 

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#1 From @psubowhunter 19.02.2024, 15:02

Why was this closed has it been fixed? 

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