#17111 when race or practice is started all cars go back to 100% speed & brakes

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From @psubowhunter 19.02.2024, 15:46

posted this in bug section and it was closed with NO explanation, Any idea why this is happening the app is basically worthless if I can't control the cars speed and brake settings, and have them stay during a race or practice? 

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#1 From @smartrace 19.02.2024, 15:56 Owner

Hi Joe,

i answered you by mail this morning and closed the bug report, because I thought it was superfluous. Didn't you receive my mail? Just to be sure. This is what I wrote:

What you've observed is SmartRace trying to automatically restore the last known speed and brakes values for each car, so it can handle changes (e.g. through dynamic weather, vsc, etc.) correctly. Features like the weather system rely on the speed/brakes values from the car database to adapt each car accordingly. This means that you should always set the speed and brake values through SmartRace directly, not through the buttons on the Control Unit. If you do the latter, SmartRace doesn't know about the values and will thus not be able to apply them on weather/vsc events. Also, please make sure you have assigned a car from your car database to each of the active controllers before you make changes in the "tuning" section, so SmartRace can save the values (see this article for reference).

Hope this helps, otherwise please let me know.

#2 From @psubowhunter 19.02.2024, 16:13

Not sure you will get this but the email I received only showed the that not status was closed with NO explanation of the good info you now provided. 

I had not setup any cars yet in the database, so that might be the problem as why smart race ts always setting all the cars back to 100% when starting a race or practice. Might be a good idea to add that to your documentation. 

Will setup the car database later today with their speed and brake setting and hopefully that solves this issue. 

Thanks for the quick reply

Joe Kuhn 

#3 From @smartrace 19.02.2024, 17:43 Owner

Hi Joe,

yes, I got your reply and I got two messages from you this morning: One through this platform and one over the contact form on the SmartRace website. I replied to the latter, using the same mail address that you're using here. And since I replied to this by email, I closed this issue. Are you sure you didn't receive my email answer?


#4 From @psubowhunter 19.02.2024, 18:19

HI Marc 

I did receive your 1st email reply, the only info in that email reply was the thread had been closed. Thats why I posted the 2nd thread asking for help. 

The 2nd email and reply to that thread had good info, and I think it may solve the issue, as my understanding now is it appears that without the cars setup in the database and assigned to a specific controller smart race at the start of a race or practice if it does not see a car in the database it resets the cars setting speed, brakes etc to 100%. 

I am going to set up my cars database later today after work and I hope that solves the issue. 

If I may suggest and idea, if possible, to have a setting option that smart race does not overwrite the the cars present setting like speed, breaks etc with the start of a race or practice. I understand that would greatly limit how smart race could use like the weather features but we don't use them. 

Thanks again 

Joe Kuhn 

#5 From @smartrace 11.03.2024, 17:37 Owner

Thanks for your suggestions Joe, I'll consider them!

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