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From @Mynkus 24.02.2024, 09:17

Hi, I'll write this in English to hopefully reach a few more people who might be interested in this idea. 

In Formula E they have a so-called "Attack Mode" that works as follows:

1. In a race the Attack Mode must be activated exactly two times.

2. The Attack Mode is activated by driving through two points (start of curve, end of curve) along the outside of one selected curve in the track. Both points must be met in order to activate the Attack Mode.

3. The activated Attack Mode grants the car a small amount of more power (= more speed) for a set duration.

4. When the Attack Mode runs out, the car reverts to normal speed

5. Of course any car can activate their Attack Modes whenever they like during the race but as rule 1 states, both Attack Modes must be taken by the end of the race.

At first glance this things seems a little gimmicky, but after seeing it in action in all the Formula E races I have seen in the past years I saw that it can add quite an interesting strategic element to the races.

I wonder if it would be possible to implement this into Smart Race? It seems to me that from a technology standpoint the Carrera Digital System has everything built in that would be needed. It would of course mean, that all cars start with a speed setting that is at least 1 notch lower than max in order to be able to "add" speed. The rest more or less is just timers but one hurdle would be how the program gets notified that a car has activated it's Attack Mode. But since the smartphone app already has a functionality to recognize cars maybe this could be a way to implement it. That is, if the app is (or would be made to be) able to recognize cars as only the one car that activates the Attack Mode gets the speed bump.

What do you think? Would there be a way to make this happen in Smartrace? Would this be worth adding?

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