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From @Elektrobot 26.02.2024, 19:11

I like to build tracks that have long pit lanes

I also like to include multiple pits to allow 2 cars to refuel at the same time

Is it possible to implement a pit lane speed limit after a car has passed the pit lane lane entrance sensor?

Similar to how a car slows down due to weather, tire wear, damage.....  

Can the pit lane entrance sensor be used as a condition trigger to modify the cars top speed, then reset it after a user specified time once refueling is complete?

If I build a track where the pit lane is so long that it takes 3 seconds for the car to exit after refueling, I can select 3 seconds.  If it is a very short exit, I can choose to reset the speed immiadly after refueling or after a very short duration.

Or would it be possible to use a digital track piece to mark the end of a pit lane exit?  If the software were to reset the speed after the car passes the next sensor, without neccessarily triggering the sensor?

Thank you for any input, I think this would be a neat feature.

#1 From @smartrace 27.02.2024, 09:09 Owner

Hey there,

thanks for your suggestion.

I thought about this a lot in the past and I don't think it makes too much sense. Reducing the speed only after the sensor has been triggered would be too late and could take too long, also resetting it after a fixed amount of time sounds very error-prone.

I'm discussing a solution for this with Carrera at the moment. There could be a piece of hardware at some point which could be useful for this. But thats probably a long way in the future. :-(


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