#17259 IOS: Carrera mode re-fuel issue with tire change

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From @mcglynns@hotmail.com 16.03.2024, 13:42

The prior bug regarding the inability to change tires if the fuel tank was already quite full (with the carrera fuel mode on, tire change only after 100% fueled) has been fixed! However, now there are two new bugs related to this setting:

1. If I go into the pits to refuel, the tire change will occur after the number of seconds has passed from the time I start fueling instead of after the end of fueling. The tire icon doesn't spin but the tire change announcement comes and the tire is changed.

2. Possibly the same issue, but if I enter the pits and do not push the LC button to begin fueling, the tire change occurs after the set amount of time has passed even with the 'only after 100% fueled' option is turned on.

#1 From @smartrace 16.03.2024, 13:56 Owner

Doh - sorry about this and thanks for reporting. I will check it ASAP. Next beta build will be available at the start of next week I think.

#2 From @mcglynnshotmail-com 16.03.2024, 14:04

I can confirm that this issue occurs when using SR fuel simulation mode too; the tire change count down starts as soon as you cross the pit sensor instead after you finish refueling.

#3 From @smartrace 19.03.2024, 09:20 Owner

Has been fixed in the latest build (already available for iOS, for Android later today). If now everything works as expected, just close the report. Thank you!

#4 From @smartrace 21.03.2024, 09:36 Owner

Did you have the chance to test the fix yet, @mcglynnshotmail-com ?

#5 From @mcglynnshotmail-com 21.03.2024, 19:07


I'll be able to test Saturday morning. It's been a very busy work week away from home. I'll let you know as soon as I can.


#6 From @smartrace 21.03.2024, 21:23 Owner

No problem Scott, thank you for testing!

#7 From @mcglynnshotmail-com 23.03.2024, 15:18

I can confirm this bug is fixed! The tire change works as expected in original carrera fuel mode as well as SmartRace fuel simulation mode. Thank you!!

#8 From @smartrace 23.03.2024, 17:03 Owner

Great, thank you Scott!

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