#17261 6.0 – Controller Assignments

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From @mcglynns@hotmail.com 16.03.2024, 13:46

I'd like to sometime unassigns controllers but it doesn't seem possible under the new 6.0 UX. I must reset all controllers and then add back in the ones that I want. Is there a way to unassign individual controllers or do I have only the full reset option?

Otherwise, I do really like the new design; it is very intuitive when assigning controllers.

#1 From @sternspechtler 16.03.2024, 14:07

That's true. In the old version it was possible to unselect driver and car to unassign a controller.

Good point.

#2 From @carreradriver 16.03.2024, 18:56

I also wondered how to deselect the drivers/cars… 👍

Beispiel: Wenn jemand einen anderen Handregeler als beim letzten Mal fährt, gibt es zwei Mal den Namen in SmartRace Connect. Zum anderen ist dies auch nützlich für Tests, die keinem Fahrer/Fahrzeug zugeordnet werden sollen (z.B. für die Datenschnittstelle, wenn man ein Auto über die Zielgerade schiebt).

#3 From @smartrace 16.03.2024, 23:57 Owner

Agreed, good catch. This happens sometimes when a UI gets a complete redesign. 😁 Thanks for reporting it, I'll think about a good way to re-integrate this. 👍

#4 From @sternspechtler 18.03.2024, 13:58

Maybe you can add a delete button beside the edit button of driver and car selection or a reset of a single controller.

#5 From @smartrace 19.03.2024, 09:20 Owner

Has been fixed in the latest build (already available for iOS, for Android later today). If now everything works as expected, just close the report. Thank you!

#6 From @sternspechtler 19.03.2024, 18:20

Danke fürs Beheben

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