#17265 6.0 Re-Apply Car Settings Issue

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From @mcglynns@hotmail.com 16.03.2024, 16:51

From the bottom left button with the three lines, when I choose to re-apply car settings, I get a warniing to reset the CU with the escape button (or via SR) but the CU is already in the correct mode (one red light on; not five). I saw it happen in another spot as well but I don't recall the specific location but it was the same attempted function; to re apply car settings.

#1 From @smartrace 19.03.2024, 09:21 Owner

The error you saw basically means that you can't re-apply the settings when the CU is blocked. But since there is no reliable way for SmartRace to detect this, it checks if the event is running. I updated the error message to better explain what you need to to. 

Has been fixed in the latest build (already available for iOS, for Android later today). If now everything works as expected, just close the report. Thank you!

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