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From @mcglynns@hotmail.com 07.04.2024, 08:23

In the latest beta build I was running a race night with friends and using fuel simulation & weather features. The testing environment of running subscription features seems to be a little buggy so this might be something that doesn't matter in the final release but I found that the app completely froze several times will trying to turn on the subscription. The only solution was to force quit the app via the IOS method of closing apps.

The subscription features seemed to only last a few minutes and then I'd have to 'subscribe' again to enable them. It was in a variety of screens in this process that the app became unresponsive.

Ultimately I downgraded to 5.7 to run the rest of the evening and we REALLY missed the new side by side driver display option in 6.0.

#1 From @smartrace 07.04.2024, 21:01 Owner

Hm, thats interesting. You observed correctly that the subscriptions in the beta only last for some minutes (up to 30 minutes for the yearly subscription I think), which is by design.

But that mechanism should of course not freeze the app. I'll look into it. If you find out more about it (like any way to reproduce this), please let me know.

#2 From @smartrace 30.04.2024, 08:53 Owner

This should hopefully no longer happen in the stable release which has now been available since a few days. Otherwise please just re-open this entry. Thanks!

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