#17307 Fuel Simulation Mode Issue -50% Speed Check

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From @mcglynns@hotmail.com 07.04.2024, 08:30

When using fuel simulation and weather, it can often happen that a racer finds themselves on a wet track with slicks. I run fuel simulation in such a way to heavily penalize this scenario and the cars only run at 10% speed under these conditions. 

When pitting in this mode, the driver is always holding the speed controller at 100% just to keep the car moving and if they don't get off of it instantly after crossing the pit sensor, Smartrace registers a > 50% speed setting and therefore turns off fueling/tire changing. Would it be possible to delay this check for even a half second to avoid this scenario? I don't think this would have any adverse side effects as long as the fueling still begins on time but just delay the check for >50% for a bit.

#1 From @smartrace 07.04.2024, 20:59 Owner

Unfortunately this is a limitation built into the Control Unit, so there is no way to change this. :-(

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