#17396 Bug ? in changing performance settings ? (Car Tuning)

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From @Wiliam 11.05.2024, 05:55

After selecting a car and starting Free Practice, if I open Car Tuning all the sliders are far left. And no values are shown. Going to the Car editing screens those values are present.

#1 From @smartrace 11.05.2024, 14:30 Owner

Once you assign a car to a controller, the "tuning" section should show the values from the car database for this car. Could you please try this?

#2 From @wiliam 11.05.2024, 15:58

I have done exactly that. And it does not show the values.

#3 From @smartrace 13.05.2024, 08:55 Owner

Could you please send me a backup of your current data to info@smartrace.de? Here is how you can create one: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/backup-and-restore/

Thank you!

#4 From @smartrace 13.05.2024, 12:26 Owner

Fixed, as discussed via mail.

@smartrace closed this 13.05.2024, 12:26

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