#17407 Weather changing progression issue

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From @Nobyliss 13.05.2024, 01:01

Hello Marc. Often, when the transition from sunny weather (1) to rain (3) and from rain (3) to sunny (1) happens, the transition situation does not appear (I highlighted the phase that does not appear with the triangle in the last image). I try to explain better: first we start racing with sunny weather, then the voice announce that it will start raining shortly, but the very cloudy icon and word do not follow the announce (you have to force it to appear by clicking on the double arrow near it); suddenly it starts to rain and we see the correct icon and word. Later the voice announce that the rain will stop early, but, again, the clearing up icon and word do not follow the announce, so, once the weather change again we see the sunny icon and word. I hope you can understand what I mean.

kind regards, Carlo

#1 From @smartrace 13.05.2024, 09:27 Owner

Grazie Carlo, I was now able to replicate and fix this, the fix is coming ASAP.

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